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Star Adventurer 2i Sidereal tracking speed issues

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Hi all :) 

Can someone please help me with my star adventurer 2i?  It doesn't seem to be tracking the stars correctly. 

I use the App mode with the tracking setting set to sidereal and the stars are always trailing quite significantly, and I quickly lose the patch of the sky that I was aiming for! 

Last night I was determined it wasn't going to win, so I tried the custom speed setting within the App.  From switching to custom from Sidereal, the custom setting appears at 0.004178 deg/sec, so I'm assuming this is the actual sidereal speed? After a few hours of altering the custom setting, I finally found a setting of 0.00463 Deg/sec seemed to work!!  :) I continued to track at this speed from 11:30pm last night until 4am this morning. In these 2-minute exposures, the stars are almost round (although not pinpoint), but it stayed on my target perfectly.  

I am only using my DSLR and a WO Zenithstar 61 with field flattener at the moment, no guiding.    

This is my second Star Adventurer, my first one tracked flawlessly but had a dodgy SNAP port.  I have checked the polar alignment on this second unit, it was initially waaaay out!  I thought the poor polar alignment was the reason behind the tracking issues, but it turned out not to be the case.  FLO were brilliant at exchanging the first tracker, so I'd feel really guilty bothering them again! I'm really hoping this one isn't faulty too.

Thank you for any help you can give me on this :)

Best wishes, 




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