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This is strange HEQ5

Neil H

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Hi tonight I was running my HEQ5 PRO off the mains power pack that came with telescope , as I was doing the polar alignment  I touched the chrome leg of the tripod and i could feel a tingling  ,  so I unplugged the power and it stopped ? Any ideas what is going on 

Hope this is the right section to ask 

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I have seen a thread on this on SGL in the past and not sure what the end result was.
If you have another power supply you could try that but I seem to remember that the conclusion was something to do with the power supply being switched mode and a missing earth on the mount, I could be totally wrong and remembering this all wrong but will have a quick search on SGL see if I can find it.
Also may have not been a HEQ5 but same issue with a mount.


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