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ASIAIR PRO Station mode???


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I'm confused by the station mode in the ASIAIR PRO.

I have turned on station mode and it found my home WiFi and I put know the password etc. So far all good.

However, when I then put my tablet back to the home WiFi and start the asiair app it won't let me connect.

How do you connect to the app once you ha e station mode enabled and turned on.

What am I missing.

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Might help if you list your network settings here currently for:


WiFi router,

Connecting tablet.

Obviously you may be wary posting your exact details here online but in essence I use a WiFi extender with my gen2 so I connect to the WiFi extender which connects to my asiair which has station mode enabled. As with any network connection where you're trying to connect to the same network the IP address for the gateway and subnet mask should be the same across all connected devices. The IP address of each individual device should be the first three sections of the gateway address, then the last section will be unique for each device.

Eg if the gateway is 192.123.456.120, probably best to use the gateway as per your router and edit the info for the asiair and tablet:

The IP address of the asiair might be 192.123.456.130

The IP address of your home router might be 192.123.456.200

The IP address of your tablet might be 192.123.456.201

The last three numbers could be sequential if you wanted it to be.

That's the way I understand it.

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If you have set the AAP to STA mode and rebooted it, on startup it will ask your wifi router for an ip address and will give back a nickname(hostname) for the router to use as well. The ip address may change on each sartup so the nickname is very useful.

Next when you connect your phone/tablet to the wifi router it does the same, but at this stage your phone/tablet knows nothing about the AAP. You start the ZWO App and it will either scan for a hostname/ip address automatically or you would be asked to scan for attached devices.

Now I don't know the exact mechanism used but it's logical to assume the app looks for hostnames/ip addresses and can verify which are AAP ones. On next using the app it presumably tries previously checked connections and if that fails does a rescan. I don't have my AAP handy at the moment but I have used the STA mode to connect and probably follow the connect sequence without thinking about it but a scan options does sound familiar.

If you had connected the AAP to your home network via a network cable then the same process would take place. The only difference would be the choice of a 2.5Ghz or 5Ghz being omitted.

Your router admin likely has an option to list the connected wireless & direct connect devices - if you can, use that to see if the AAP has been assigned an ip address. Otherwise use an app that can show you what ip addresses are bing used (I use a free app called iNet on IOS).

So check:

1. Have selected the 2.5Ghz setting

2. Is the AAP still broadcasting its own wifi name on your phone/tablet (meaning the STA mode did not activate)

3. Make sure the phone/tablet is connecting to the same wifi network

4. Ping the AAP ip address if you now know it.

4. Try the rescan or enter the AAP ip address






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