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NGC 7331 and the Deer Lick Group


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Collected over a month and a half.  Seeing was pretty good for all but the green and blue channels.  Luminance carried the day--which is rare for me as my sky is often too bright for good luminance data.  The background is too dark still--but not as bad a usual.  

C11 Edge with .7x reducer and OSG, ASI 16900--about 18 hours of data (HaLRGB).  Only 2 hours of Ha--I wish I had time to collect more.  The other thing is I collecetd over 300 lum subs but I wanted to maximize the resolution so I did not use any lum sub with a FWHM above 2.4"   This resulted in a lum stack with a FWHM of 1.6".  I'll have to integrate all 305 subs to see if the increased signal compensates for lower resolution.  This is the first try withn this data.  I will process this image quite a few times over the next weeks.  Sometimes my first try is the best, and sometimes it takes me a while to get it right.


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