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22mm Celestron Ultima LX - Glasses friendly?


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Glasses friendly? ....It is now !!!!

I wanted to post about the 22mm Celestron Ultima LX. This is my 4th one I have owned. (I sold my others to try other eyepieces in this range, but I always seem to come back to this particular eyepiece because it has excellent correction and is very comfortable to use). However, I found that when using this with glasses, (even with the rubber eye cup rotated in the down position), I was barely just getting the entire FOV in. I had to really press in a bit to get the whole field in.

So, I remembered that I cut the top off of another one I owned a few years ago and I kept it. I was able to take the original eye cup off easily after pressing it outwards away from the glue and I was able to get it off without any damage to it at all, or any damage to the rubber housing over the eyepiece itself. I then put on the old one I had with the top lip cut off, (I also sanded it as smooth as I could with sandpaper), and it went on nice and securely. I found a cap that fits right over the top and it stays on nice and snug.

With the newer eye cup on there, I can now see the entire field of view while wearing glasses with it screwed all of the way down. I can still rotate it all of the way up if needed.

I only use glasses to read Stellarium on my cell phone or when I am sketching at the eyepiece. it's pretty amazing how much difference a few millimeters can have on your observing, especially if you need glasses while at the eyepiece. Just thought I would share my new 22mm Ultima LX.

 I still have the original rubber eye cup on this one if I need to put it back on. In the last pic, you can really see just how much more eye relief is gained. It isn't "pretty" by any means, but I don't get eyepieces to "look at them", I get them to "use them". Now, it is "glasses friendly".

Clear Skies !!!

22mm Ultima LX with top shorter for glasses.JPG

Original eye cup.JPG

22mm Ultima LX with caps.JPG

22mm Ultima LX showing gianed eye relief.JPG

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I bought the Astro-Tech AF70 (Omegon Redline SW) version and just screw off the eye cup with the cap still attached to use it with eyeglasses.  The revealed M43 thread makes it handy for afocal photography as well with my ancient Olympus C4000 camera.  The eye cup is so stiff it cannot be folded down.  Alternatively, a Morpheus eyecup can be screwed onto it.  I tried it once to verify, and it fit perfectly.




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I ordered the same one not too long ago, but sold it because I preferred the Celestron Ultima LX. Mine was the Astromania version direct from China. The metal ring around the outside of the top lens on the Astromania version is shiny, and I would see reflections every time I used it. I also didn't like the stiff rubber eyecup. But, it is "glasses friendly" because the stiff eyecup screws off like you said.

Here's a comparison pic. The Astromania is on the left and the 22mm Ultima LX is on the right. You can see how reflections would occur on the Astromania compared to the Ultima LX even in bright light.

Below are two pics of the 22mm Astromania, without and with the stiff eyecup.

Cheers Louis D !!! Thanks for your post.

22mm Astromania 70 deg VS 22mm Ultima LX top of lens.jpg


22mm Astromania EP.JPG

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I'll have to check my AT AF70s to see if they're as shiny as the Astromania up top.  I've never noticed any reflection issues at night with any of them, though.

I took a pass on an early Celestron Omni Plossl because it was silver, like the main body color, right up to the edge of the eye lens!  Apparently, they've fixed this missive in later runs.

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I had an Ultima LX 22 some years ago, when they were discontinued and new stock was available in an online sale for as little as £60.

I felt the 22mm was the best of the ones I tried ( IIRC I also had 8mm and 17mm🤔)..

I never had a problem taking in the whole view, but I don't wear glasses.

Perhaps not the prettiest eyepieces to look at, but actually the body shape prevents them rolling off eyepiece trays and also provides good grip. Optically I found them very good on axis, with varying degrees of softness towards the edges.

I replaced mine with a Vixen LVW 22mm which is now as rare as hens' teeth, but optically superb.

Nowadays that slot in my eyepiece case is filled by a Celestron Axiom LX 23mm which matches the Vixen optically but has an 82 degree fov vs the 65deg of the LVW 22mm..it's a heavy beast though at around a kilogram in weight!😂



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