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more color?

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What is your setup?

Most of the bling with images happens in post processing with software where colours, saturation, sharpness etc can all be altered.

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To push the colour harder you need a good signal to noise ratio in the image. Because this image is already showing some graininess I doubt it would stand much intensification of the colour.


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Hi, most bitmap editors like Photoshop, or even the simplest ones - like IrfanView - offer the option to increase saturation by adjusting Vibrance and / or Saturation. The problem is that the stacked image usually contains a lot of artifacts, and they often become the most saturated with such processing. As with sharpening, when we start to sharpen artifacts and the grain of noise instead of sharpening the details. If you saturate your picture, you will easily observe it - there will be a whole lot of artificial, colorful (e.g. intensely blue) details.

One way to deal with this effect is to remove colored noise before increasing the saturation. This works quite well for images of the moon. In the case of small pictures of planets, however, this often leads to an almost complete loss of color information.

Your photo appears to be enlarged very much from its native size. It also does not help - artifacts that would be acceptable on a natural scale become much more visible with this treatment.

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