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Moonbows - Anyone?

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Recently came across (rather obvious, innit!) idea of Moonbows
Like a rainbow... at night... caused by the Moon etc. 🥳

Less than 10% of the frequency of Rainbows? Rainbows are only
"six per year" from a given place?!? Maybe Astronomers tend to
stay in, if there's any whiff of RAIN (cloud) around! 😉

https://astronomy.com/news-observing/ask astro/2005/07/i saw a rainbow caused by moonlight how often does this occur

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Haven't seen a moonbow but a few decades (!) ago I saw what I've found to be like a "moon dog", in speech marks as I don't believe that's what I saw as a moondog has spectral rainbow like arches around the source of light. What I witnessed was a fullish moon and around 6-8 full moon widths away (as a radius of a new imaginary circle) from the centre of the moon circling it completely, a white glow halo (see through but a distinct detached shape like the rings of Saturn) all the way around around one moon width thick. Trying to find information on it I believe it's a rare occurrence when there's ice crystals in the atmosphere which reflect/refract the moonlight, have never seen it again since.

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@Macavity Best seen when its darker early in the evenings.  A low fullish moon gives a big arc.

This image is processed to give a 'naked eye' view.  Little colour.  The camera will produce a wierdly colourful image.  Paul.

P.S.  This was seen two nights in a row.

Moonbow HD.jpg

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