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Celestron CGE Dovetail and AVX Mount

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Apologies if this query has been covered elsewhere  but my searches found nothing.

I struggle to fit my 8" Edge HD OTA to the AVX mount when the tripod is fully extended (I level the tripod before fitting the mount). I have tried sliding the OTA into the mount with the saddle in its parked position (i.e. with the OTA vertical) and also with the saddle rotated 90 degrees (i.e. with the OTA horizontal).

The measurement of the CGE bar across the bar width is 73.65mm at the "tips" of the dovetail, whilst the corresponding saddle dimension is 73.25mm  (as best that I can measure; of course it must be bigger than the dovetail width otherwise it won't fit!)- a measly 0.4mm difference but sufficient to prevent the possibility of presenting the dovetail to the saddle with the OTA central to the mount and then just moving the opposite side of the dovetail onto the saddle base and tightening the clamping screws. 

The design of the saddle has the face where the clamp screws fit perpendicular to the saddle base, so there is no dovetail "effect" on that side.

So my issue is whether the CGE bar is wrongly manufactured (i.e. slightly too wide). Is there another CGE bar that is, say, 73mm wide across the dovetails?

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