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Would you clean this?

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This is the current condition of the corrector plate on my RASA8. I’m sure it is not impacting on the quality of the subs, but it’s bugging me as it looks dirty and uncared for.

Plus I think there are some pollen grains on there which is not good. I have cleaned the objectives of my refractors when they were in a similar condition with Baader fluid and a clean microfibre cloth with no drama so perhaps I should just go for it?


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I've used Baader fluid with microfibre cloth on mine. It made no difference on my flaring issue though. 😉 When adjusting the camera orientation, I've sometimes brushed the surface of the corrector plate with a knuckle, leaving a smear requiring the baader fluid treatment. 🙂


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My two RASA8 looks just like yours Steve and I have made no cleaning attempt yet - from what I have read dust like that will have no impact whatsoever on image quality. But I guess it could not hurt. Maybe I should do it to celebrate the return of astrodarkness next week. I have a bottle of Baader fluid somewhere.

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