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A couple from the Local Group


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This has been done before, but with their relative close proximity in the night sky I have always wanted to capture M31 and M33 in the same image. This is a 6 panel mosaic using the SY135/IMX571c combination captured over the recent run of clear (but moon and atmospheric dust affected) nights. I had problems with flats correction and an uneven star density across the six panels about which I started  thread in the Discussion section.

The 'background' panels are each 30 x 2 mins with the galaxy panels being 80 x 2 mins and 120 x 2 mins respectively. The top right and bottom left panel received a partial stretch before combining to try and even up the star density, but you can still make it out.

With both of these wonderful galaxies being about the same distance from us, I wonder what M31 and our own Milky Way would look like if you lived in a suitably orientated spiral arm of M33, and could an alien imager capture them both in the same FOV?

It is a mosaic, so you can zoom in a bit, but each panel is already what I would call a widefield image. Thanks for looking.



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At least four from the Local Group. M32 and M110 are obvious. There may be other dwarf galaxies too but I have not looked from them.

You also have a small portion of a fifth: the Milky Way.  😉


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