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Hey!!!, 'Mr Widefield Man', what you doing imaging galaxies ???, especially after parting with your galaxy scope (C11) :)

Not bad at all Rog, and might just help to ease the frustration you've been suffering. Even better that its one for the album. :)


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DBE in pixinight LE works as well and thats free ... but syaign that I have GradientXterminator and its usually the first port of call...... on thign to wacth although you probably dont get them... is it can easily be confused by dark lines in the stacked images as it will try and smooth them out..


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Hi Peter just done my last galaxy with it ,worked atreat and far easier the Pixinsight, i have put it in my album,so be intersting to see for my next galaxy how it works as this will be the test for sure


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Cheers guys ,hey watch it Doc ,my heads swelling lol , but Tony , i could try that although i have GradientXterminator on trial just ran it a few times and by hockey it certainly works .


Yeah GradientXterminator is the bizz, made a big difference to my processing. I need to scrabble a few pennies together to get the full version as my trial ran out.


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