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A C11 Plus Losmandy G11 from Italy... ??


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Saw the above while having a browse through Ebay seeing what was on offer for a new member who wants a starter scope with a budget of 300 UK quid... AND went OoooHHHH. 

Quite a bargain with the Losmandy G11 mount. Just a 'little' drive down to Italy 🙂 


If anyone is interested in a C11 at 33% of the price I would take the Losmandy @ 67%...

The only problem being.. The item offered has a 99.99% chance of being a total SCAM 🙂 

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I have a bunch of notifications for saved searches on specific astro gear (mainly 0.965" EPs) for that well known auction site, and there is someone based in an EU country whose items often show up in my searches. Whilst they are often harder to get hold of items, most of these things have been listed at vastly increased prices (200 eur for a late production era CZJ Huygens anyone?).

Many of them do not sell and yet keep getting relisted either at the same price or occasionally reduced but still inflated. I'm not sure I really get the logic.

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