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Two more 12" Lyra sessions

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I'm on a roll with this succession of clear nights. Shame that pesky moon is spoiling things slightly.

Date    from 23:30 10/08/22 to 02:00 11/08/2022 with breaks
Scope    StellaLyra 12" Dob
Eyepieces    22mm LVW x69; 8mm LVW x190; 5mm LVW x305 
Conditions    very good seeing, poor transparency – mag 4.5 in the direction of Lyra
H V 40     Bright blue primary with two widely spaced faint companions (11.2 and 13.0). Well seen at x190
β 648      Couldn't get this the other night with the 102mm - looked difficult here at x305 so no wonder!
J 131       Not seen. Comments on SGL about the J catalogue being 2 mag or more fainter than expected could explain this
Σ2470 & 2474    Saw this mini double-double in the 102mm on the 5th - even more spectacular with the 305mm!
β 1285     Wide, very uneven pair at x190 with a closer, fainter, companion
A 260 / BKO 55 / GYL 12 - all in the same x190 field    
A 260       Lovely tight even pair at x190, better seen at x305
BKO 55    Wide, even pair - x190
GYL 12     Wide, slightly uneven pair - 190
h1349      Wide, uneven pair at x69

Date    from 23:00 11/08/22 to 01:30 12/08/2022
Scope    StellaLyra 12" Dob
Eyepieces    22mm LVW x69; 8mm LVW x190; 5mm LVW x305 
Conditions    good to poor seeing, poor transparency and bright moon – mag 4.0 in the direction of Lyra
Σ2393       Bright blue primary with fainter secondary. X69
SHJ 289    Wide, slightly unever white pair. X69
Σ2481       Even white pair split at x69, looked better at x190
Σ2469       Seeing made this more difficult than it should have been. Split in steady moments at x305
Σ2472       Multiple - decided to draw this as it was such a lovely sight:
Kol 3161    Not split. Conditions made the secondary too faint to see, even at x305
Σ2456        Even, very easy off-white pair. Split in the 42mm LVW x36 'finder'. Looked good at x69
J 3213       Even pair at x190. But both at least 3mag fainter than WDS suggests
Σ2502        Split at x305, but only in fleeting moments of better seeing
DEA 466    Uneven pair at x69
ALI 1110    Uneven pair at x69

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Nice report, quite a haul! It’s lucky we have doubles to look at when the moon is high enough to spoil the darkness, but too low to be observed. Your 12 inches of aperture must really help to cut through the murk. 

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