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Focusing query.


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Having upgraded from a DSLR to dedicated OSC, will the focus be in roughly the same place on the correctly back-spaced OSC as the DSLR and adaptor.

Its obviously much easier to get focus nailed with DSLR Live-view as opposed to capture software.

TIA, Dave

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The focal plane of a telescope is independent of the camera used, and many optical correctors have a back distance to the focal plane of approximately 55 mm. But the flange to sensor distance of most dslr cameras is about 45 mm, while for astrocameras this is often less than 20 mm. Adapters for dslr cameras are typically 10 mm (+ 45mm = 55 mm). Astrocameras need spacers between them and any correcting optics, and the distance you need is critical. Nothing is ever easy in this hobby. Btw, you can’t wing it as far as focusing is concerned. It needs to be spot on, so prepare to invest in software.

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