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My Dob project


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The design was originally created by Dennis Steel of Dobstuff, over in the states. I scoured the web for ages trying to find a design that really excited me, and the looks of his did it. I am still talking to him about the build, and he's taking a keen interest in this "clone" of his work.

I am also using the Krieg and Berry book to help me find my way through the bits I stumble onto that i don't "get" first time round.

Its a truly intriguing thing to build though and I am learning new skills as I go through...I have never used a router before, for instance, nor a tube cutter! I should be ready to do a final dry assembly soon to determine the final length of the main truss poles to achieve focus. Then I'll disassemble and clean everything up prior to staining and varnishing the wooden parts and polishing the metal work.

I like to think i will have it ready for the Sixpenny Handley starparty, which will also be a first for me. But what really excites me is first light...I'm sure of two things: I have never seen anything like the view through a 16" telescope and I have no real idea quite how amazing the view through a 16" telescope that I have made will actually be!


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Very interesting. For someone who has not used a router before, you seem to have taken to it like a duck to water. It is a very versatile tool, more so if you take the trouble to make a few jigs.

I wish I could be there to see your face when you have first light, you'll have a grin from ear to ear. :)


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I had the opportunity of using a 10 inch telescope alongside a 16 inch Dobson, the difference was a million miles, you will love the 16 inch and never want to go back to anything smaller! Who knows you might catch aperture fever, watch out.

Take care,


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