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August 8, 2022: A 13-pane, full-disk, H-alpha mosaic

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After grabbing Wl and Ca-K, I got some H-alpha data for a mosaic. I made 13 SER files of 1000 frames each, stacked 25% of the best frames with AS!3, sharpened in ImPPG, stitched in MS-ICE, and postprocessing in GIMP.

Grey scale:




Part inverted:


Part inverted + pseudo-colour:


Clicking for full-size images highly recommended.

I got a few more longer SER files to bring out more detail in the proms and the most active areas on the southern hemisphere. Will post these later



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On 10/08/2022 at 16:36, Altair8389 said:

Hi Michael,

Nice H alpha discs! Are you using a barlow ? Is it a Quark chromosphere filter you are using or solar spectrum?



Hi Magnus, I use a Solar Spectrum 0.3 Å H-alpha filter  with Baader TZ-4 4x tele-centric lens,  combined with an ERF  (Beloptik Tri-band) 

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