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Screw threads on accessories...

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Is anyone able to help with a table for screw cutting, thread per inch or thread per centimetre, of the various extension tubes and accessories used by the manufacturers of telescope 'bits and pieces'?

I can use a 'home brew' cutting standard for anything that I fabricate, but connecting such items to the commercially manufactured accessories poses a bit of a question...

Any help would be much appreciated as 1950's 60's engineering handbooks don't provide much information...

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2 hours ago, fifeskies said:

Hope this helps

I thank you Sir, guess I have to admit to being a bit lazy with the searching...

More or less standard metric threads, no huge problem. I was a little concerned the threads might be similar to British Association with its peculiar thread counts,- just to be annoying to those that wish to make their own 'bits an pieces'.

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