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A few more doubles

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Managed to get out on Friday night.

Observed a few more doubles and a couple DSOs.

Cmi STF1134

A wide uneven pair. There is a neat chain of stars to the East.

Cnc STF1269

The pair noted as STF1269 showed no duplicity but the star list as CHE507 does. Neither star shows colour*

88 Leo STF1547

A wide pair. The secondary was pale blue. Empty field

90 Leo STF1552 w/y

A tightish pair with a subtle colour contrast.

Leo STF1565 w/w

A wide pair. The primary is white and the secondary is creamy.

Uma STF1321 y/y

A wide uneven pair, both stars have an orange tint. Field quite empty

Uma STF1520 y/o

A wide pair easlily split. A subtle colour contrast with the primary showing a pale yellow and the secondary a pale orange.

Virgo STF1575 w/w

A very pair. Probably splitable in Binos. Both stars are white. Quite empty field

*Cdc has the WDS from 2004. The star HD74719/SAO98108 as the primary. The actual primary is a companion to TYC1396-1299-1.

WDS co-ords are correct but the spectral calss is wrong it is listed as A0 (which is the HD74719 spectral class) but is actually F5.

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