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Asteroid 4 Vesta Opposes Sun 2022 AUG 22

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Asteroid 4 Vesta will appear within Capricornus in opposition to the Sun on 2022 AUG 22. It is the asteroid that can get the brightest, and at stellar magnitude +5.8 it should be visible to sharp naked eyes. Vesta was discovered in 1807 and has a mean diameter of 525 km.

Photos and descriptions of Vesta would be welcome additions to this thread.


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Unfortunately, at opposition Vesta will transit at only 13 deg altitude for me at 54 deg N :( . It'll be a struggle from my usual observing location. 

Last year I got a nice image of Vesta passing through the outer members of M10 globular cluster sometime near opposition. Vesta doesn't seem to do anything so exciting on this opposition, at least not that will fit within my imaging frame.

There is a wide angle photo opportunity on or around the 14th when Vesta passes about 2 deg N of NGC7293 The Helix planetary nebula. Unfortunately the Moon is going to be a bit of a nuisance at that time.


Edit: I see it was Juno I imaged last year, not Vesta! 😱


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