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Mars 30th July @3am


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I was out this morning doing some planetary imaging. The seeing was very good with stable atmosphere. Mars was not a blinking like a disco ball so some nice details are coming through. 8" Dob, manual tracking, asi462mc, 2x barlow. PIPP, Autostakert, Registax (I think I finally got the hand of it) and final touches in Gimp. The last image is my son's colour rendition since he wanted it to be redder 😀.


resized x1.5





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3 hours ago, maw lod qan said:

Excellent images!

I do like the way you have processed the image.

Thanks. I prefer the more natural look than pushing too much.

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4 hours ago, stuy said:

Great effort!!!  Yes the seeing was prototype good here to in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

I agree it was very good this morning. Mars usually looks like a disco ball . I was getting tired to let it rise more.

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5 hours ago, skyhog said:

Considering the angular size, those images are very nice indeed. 

I am pleased with the result and it is giving me confidence for later in the year.

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3 hours ago, Pete Presland said:

Already some decent details visible, especially considering the size currently  

Thanks Pete, I was very happy with this particular capture.

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59 minutes ago, neil phillips said:

Some distinctive markings coming through. Good capture

Thanks, quite pleased with the result, considering it was still low in the sky.

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