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Obsy Build Has Started!


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One little addition to the Obsy in the last month; Although I live in Lochaber, it does occasionally get warm, and so does the inside of the obsy as I found out while building it last year. So, to assist with removing the heat and creating an airflow all year round, I fitted a pair of solar powered fans to the roof section of the shed.

I actually got them back in October but only got around to fitting them in the last month.

The fan kit I got from Amazon and I also fitted a bug screen and rain cover on the outside of the shed, just to give it a bit of protection. I fitted it to the East side of the roof, so it'll be shaded from the Sun and the solar panel even powers the fans when it's cloudy,  as well as in full Sun! :D

I need to tidy the wires but it's working well.




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A little update on a few additions to the obsy over the last couple of months.

Firstly, after adding the solar powered fans, I thought I would give them a hand and fitted some insulation to the roof panels. This does seem to be working as it's no where near as warm in there now and it's also much lighter during the day! :D

You'll also note the new solar powered LED light in the roof, which is extremely bright and has three brightness settings. It does a great job of lighting the inside of the obsy for setting up and I got this from The Solar Centre



I also decided to fit power into the obsy, I did this in the form of an extension from an external socket on the house. The extension is made up of about 12m of armoured twin & earth, which is buried under the lawn, and terminates with a standard 13amp 3-pin plug at the house and the twin socket in the image below. This way, I can isolate the obsy from the house, if needs be, and I don't have the trip hazard of running the extension lead from the door of the obsy into the house, across the lawn, as I did over the winter.

All that will be running on this is the laptop and the PSU on the pier, which powers the Pegasus Power Box Advance with 12v 10A max load.

I've also tidied the wires around the desk and it all looks much smarter now. In case you're wondering, the blue thing on the desk is my laptop dew shelter which I made a couple of years ago. :D



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