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Sun-day solar

David Smith

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Day 2 of solar today, quite a bit more cloud about today so multi-pane mosaics were definitely off the agenda. Also quite a strong breeze, not good with a scope that's best part of a meter long! Still managed some half-decent captures in white light and H alpha. Ca-K was a challenge as the seeing was very poor at 393.4nm.

First up a demonstration of why I did not shoot pano disks today


Conditions changed in the few seconds between shooting the left and right panes leaving one side markedly brighter than the other. Still, I figured there was enough detail to be worth sharing. If anyone has any tips on how to "equalise" the panes of a mosaic in post-processing I'd be very interested!

Had more success in H alpha although in hind sight I should have taken flats


Quite please with this one, the inverted colours really make the features stand out. Liked it so much I tried it on the other H alpha shot


Not the sharpest image ever but given that it was taken at 3000mm focal length on a windy day I am pretty happy with it.

Finally a couple of white lights below which were also shot at the same 3000mm focal length.




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