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PixInSight Mosaic

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As with any use of a new tool that Pix has, getting the Mosaic Script to work was a pain. The research was finally rewarded. Took watching several videos, a few questions on the PixInSIght Forum and a few trial runs but be darned if I finally got something I wasn't ashamed of.

The image below was taken August 5 of 2021. 3 300 second images of each panel with a ASI183MM P, Optolong Ha filter all stuffed in a EDPHII 60MM SHarpStar triplet apo scope. All wok done in PixInSIght. This rig is my wide FOV and the East Veil Nebula is some spread out... 

One thing I would recommend when learning how to manipulate the software a Ha filter will show issues boldly (ask me how I figured that out!). The main issues will show up in the overlap. If anyone is interested I can provide a link to the videos that helped me get to this point. When I have longer nights I will gather up some new data suitible for mosaics. When I become more efficient in using the scripts required I could do a video. 




Comments or questions always welcome.


Hint: The image has been cropped, and not where you'd think!

NGC6992 Ha M.jpg

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Spacing/ image correction
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