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M13 Atik 16hrc first light

Ford Prefect

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Hi all

Well it’s been a while since I have been able to post in this section of the forum. Had a few issues over the past few months especially with the weather :), however skies stayed clear all night last night so I thought I had better take advantage:)

This is the first light with my new Atik ( thanks Rog :) ), it is also the first proper image I have posted that was taken through my SW 190 MN as well a being my first ever cluster!!!

To be honest I have struggled with the star colour ( there doesn’t seem to be any :D ) , so any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Cheers Jon

OTA: SW 190 Mak Newt

Guiding: William Optics 90 DSI pro II PHD

QHY8 MaximDL, 30x300s

Stacked using: DeepSkyStacker

Processed using PSCS2


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nice image Jon, especially for a first light. You normally have to saturate the colour in the image with DSS, up to 20% I seem to remember (one of the tabs that appears with the image after processing), it might be a place to start if you haven't already done so.


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Never mind the lack of Colour its beautifully resolved down to the core :)

Did you boost the saturation before saving it from DSS? I'm finding i need to set at least +10 to +15% in DSS ... I also make sure that I use the apply to image before saving rather than the embed changes option.


Paxo beat me to it....

Billy go Bye Byes and dreams of a night on M81-82, M101, and NGC7000...

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Yay! You got everything working and got first light. How long did you sleep on Saturday?

Steve, after staying up on Friday until 5.30, I actually slept for 12 hours last night :)

Go back to the first one Jon its absolutely stunning. You've lost all the vibrancy with the second process

I agree martin, just need to get rid of that strange gradient that’s in the first image :)

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