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Smartphone coolers for AP

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50 minutes ago, Elp said:

Seems like a result. Has the BS funcooler got a TEC built in?

What if you get condensation/frost build up on the sensor?

Both coolers have TEC Peltier elements, visible in the teardown videos linked below. 



For now, it appears to be external build-up of condensation, a bit stronger than regular dew. No evidence of dripping. I make sure to wipe the camera before storing it away together with hefty number of desiccant pouches.
First sign of condensation within camera would probably be fogging up and that would be visible on subs. This is also reason why I test it, and report on findings.

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Hmm the round one just dont fit. LCD is 58mm with an upstanding border. And the retangle one is to big also.


I ordered one from AlieExpress which is 58.5mm, where i have to remove the outer casing to make it fit.



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Recieved the Tec cooler. The tec cooler gets pretty cold when running. After few min you see already dew on the back the tec cooler. It fits on my Canon 60D, but i think it wont do anything to the temp inside, because you have the plastic casing. Then behind that you have the aluminium casing of the mainboard, and then you got the mainboard, and on top of that the sensor.

These tec coolers are perfect for the ASI's camera without the PRO-model (Pro is with cooling). Ive putted the tec cooler straight on my ASI120MM-S, and after 15min the whole casing of the ASI was pretty cold. 

So as for DSLR. If you dont have a direct metalpad close to the mainboard it will do not much. Thats why you see if you search on cooled canon camera's, the whole backplating are removed, and copper is placed directly behind the mainboard. This way it will cool for sure, but you cant use this DSLR for daytime use anymore, which i do. 




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