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Crescent nebula

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Hi all, here's my image of NGC 6888 the Crescent nebula. This 7 hours of 5 minute subs finished on Saturday night using a zwo 294 mc pro and the optolong L extreme filter. I've started spending a bit more time on polar alignment with the asi air pro and getting it down to just a few arc seconds which does seem to improve the guiding to around 0.6 on average though never seems to get any better than that. I think the image lacks a little bit of contrast which maybe down to no astronomical darkness but even though conditions could be better I don't like to pass up a clear night ! The files have been stacked in astro pixel processor and processed in pixinsight and photoshop. 

Cheers Paul

Crescent forums V1 (1 of 1).jpg

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42 minutes ago, Graeme said:

That's a lot of detail Paul. 7 hours really makes a difference. I shot the same target with the same camera the night before you did but only for 2 hours!



Thanks Graeme, yes 7 hours definitely brings out the OIII

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6 minutes ago, The Lazy Astronomer said:

Lovely delicate Oiii around the crescent showing quite nicely, plus you've got the soap bubble visible in the bottom right too. The only thing is the stars are quite funky - did you use Topaz denoise by any chance?

Thanks you yes the OIII has come through nicely & I must admit I'd not even seen the soap bubble bottom right. Regarding the stars I'm pretty sure it's because I was too aggressive with the morphological transformation tool in pixinsight . 👍

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