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It seems I have been very, very bad...


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1 hour ago, jjohnson3803 said:

I'm in a similar situation, but in addition to EPs I'm rethinking my tripods.  🤔 🤪

I need to rethink my rethinking.

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Why restrict the noble joy of owning this wonderful machines to see faraway called telescopes ?

Let start with a bit of History.

Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc was the French scholar who discovered in 1610 the Great Orion Nebula.

Although he lived in the time when the telescope ''was invented'', he collected 35 telescopes. It seem all were Galilean refractors of different sizes and makers.




William Kitchiner was a honorable Englishman who - after inheriting a nice fortune equivalent to many million of pounds in today's currency - collected 51 telescopes.

His telescopes ranged from one inch refractors (Dollond, Watkins and others) to nine inches reflectors (Short , Herschel and others).

See page 15 here :




Niether Peiresc or Kitchiner ever complained of having too many telescopes.

Looking to their example, we, the owners of seven or eight telescopes , we are just beginners.


Coming to my own case : I believe to have twelve optical tubes.

Three are Dobsonian reflectors up till ten inch, each with his own mounting.

All the other optical tubes are used on one single tripod mounted pipe-mount.

Any of my telescope live inside of the house. They all live in the garage and a shed. Only the mirrors or lenses got in the bath room from time to time for the very rare cleaning.

The shed is only  mine, as it is, a brute, dusty, disorganized place, full of ugly things and spiders (which I don't kill , they eat other insects and I like that ... ).




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"Another scope? Over my dead body"!

It reminds me of a joke amongst the men who enjoy the country lifestyle around where I live.

My wife said if I don't stop hunting and fishing so much she is going to leave me.

I'm sure going to miss her cooking!

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I have had multiple scopes, so many eyepieces and when it comes down to it I find I like several things:

Wider but not ultra wide eyepieces
Seated observing for my back and knees sake as well as relaxed propper observing


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