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Walking on the Moon

A few Clusters to start off the Night


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Cheer's Dave,

The triple OTA setup makes life a lot easier...

2 for DSLR Imaging and one for guiding... Currently half way through 4 1/2 hours on M51 with both pics.. when it finishes it will be NGC7000 till dawn...

Time to catch a couple of hours kip...


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That's 2 posts about M51 tonite I've seen.....must be good Karma :). I'm heading out right now to try it myself..a bit cooler than the last few days, ( -7C now...:)), but cleared up after a week of rain and clouds.

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Lovely shots Peter.

Prefer the uncropped ones.

They aren't crops Doc..

The "close ups" are from the 350D on the 8" SCT @ f6.3 and the Widefields are from the 1000D on the Megrez72 FF III... whilst guiding through the 500mm f8 :) got to maximise the data capture when we have the weather see...:)


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