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Plate Solving Issue (SGP - PlateSolve2)


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It's one of those nights where something had been working so well for such a long time and all of a sudden it wants to break!

PlateSolve2 in SGP for some reason doesn't want to solve all the time. I have attached an example where the first attempt was off by a bit, second attempt was almost there then on the third attempt it was stuck on the spiral search and it never stopped.

This happened a few times during the night as well where you can clearly see your target in the sub but it cannot plate solve it like it wasn't there.

I am using SGP with PlateSolve2. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks :)


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I used to have similar issues with Platesolve 2 and SGP when solving rich starfields. Tinkering with PS2 setup parameters may help, but I switched to using ASTAP and it's much faster at solving, particularly when off by more than a degree or so where PS2 is slow, and it never seems to fail. SGP has ASTAP as a choice in platesolve setup.

From ASTAP webpage download and install the program file and the H17 star database and you should be good to go. 🙂


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I had a problem with platesplve2 about a year ago with APT.. the file got corrupted in some way and someone mentioned ASTAP ...not that I was unhappy with platesolve2  but yes, ASTAP is really fast and never missed a beat... Not sure if SGP uses it , I'd assume it does..

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