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SynScan pro problem


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Recently while using SynScan pro on my iPhone 12 the connection randomely drops and I have to reconnect the WiFi which then means going through alignment process all over again.   I have a skywatcher 250p with built in WiFi.  When I check for SynScan updates none are available so that’s not the problem.  I do all the recommended updates for my phone.  Anyone else having the same problem?

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Android user here so it works without issue. One possibility, from p25 of the manual:

– iOS interrupts app’s communication with mount when the iOS device’s screen is locked or  
when app is switched to background
• To have app keep the screen on while you leave it to perform long running tasks,  
enable Settings > User Interface > Keep screen on

Could that be your issue?

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I'm Android also, and I've read that iOS doesn't play very nicely with background processes.

One reason that the Android app used to disconnect sometimes was nothing to do with the app, it was because the mount hotspot doesn't have internet connectivity, so by default, Android helpfully drops that connection whenever it gets a sniff of a different wifi network that does have internet. The fix for that was to change a setting in Android, but the latest Synscan version claims to have fixed this. I've not used it long enough yet to be convinced.

Perhaps the same kind of thing might be happening with iOS?

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I'm a new AZ GTi owner using SynScan Pro ver 2.0.6.  While trying to learn the mount's operation, I've had no problems running SynScan indoors w Android 12 and wifi networks close by & no data features turned off.  My downfall came yesterday when attempting to use SkySfari Pro 7 after first staring SynScan & aligning.  Connections on both apps dropped (most frequently SkySafari 7)  every few minutes IF I could even get SS7 to connect.  Sounds a little like tripleped's issue. Any thoughts?

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