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Summer Triangle Challenge

More 3D parts.


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How I wish we had a proper Board for this. First off is a Dumbell weight adapter, nifty eh? The other is a bit of fun for a nephew, it’s a observatory dice tower, you place your dice into a hole under the scope and the dice roll down the steps inside of the tower part which I’ve yet to print, 24hrs of printing for just that part! Very low F refractor scope! 😆
The third picture is a simple adapter to heighten the binoculars so I can use the 3/8” to 1/4” brass adapter on my manfrotto ART190, took me all of 45 minutes from designing in tinkercad to printing on my delta printer.





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I wouldn't normally chime in but i am in the process of designing a collar/spacer for a dumbell weight to fit a counterweight bar and by sheer coincidence stumbled across your similar build thread. it's shocking how much stuff can be designed and sent to print, 10 years ago i would have never considered buying a 3d printer... today, i would not be without one.

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Another 3D print enthusiast chiming in.

I have made loads of bits for a scope trolley, lens caps and covers for scopes, finder brackets, etc. I'm sure others would find them useful.
I could post them to thingiverse or similar to get lost among everything else.
A 3D section on SGL would be good.

I note backyardastro include 3D in the title of their DIY astronomy section.

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