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What to buy next

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Hi all.

I'm hopefully selling my boat tomorrow to fund more astro stuff.

After giving Mrs S   some pocket change , and buying the rest of the ep's I want I was wondering what to buy next.

My current set up is .

12"skywatcher dob. 

Opticstar 127mm f9.5. 

Skytee II mount with pillar and 2" tripod. 

ZWO120 mc s.

And hopefully all the ep's I need.

I was thinking about a mount for tracking , I want to spend about 300 /400 euros because I want to save some for a scope for it and a holiday. 

Any ideas to help spend my money welcome. 


Or maybe a scope for solar viewing 

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An azgti would make a nice compact mount which you could also take on any travels. Add in something like a WO wedge and DIY the counterweight with a sturdy tripod and you have a very capable travel friendly imaging/goto mount. It'll take maybe up to an 80mm refractor on it, the last I used on it was a C6 SCT. If you're willing to wait a little while there's the new skywatcher GTi which is basically the same thing (but I'd class the former as more portable, especially in dimensional volume).

Any sturdier mount (ie heavy with counterweights and not what id class as portable) would be out of that price range like a cem26, gem28, heq5/6, though they do crop up used.

Im guessing you're more an observer than an imager, in that case the solar route may be more of a wow factor. Coronado PSTs are a good cost of entry though once you experience a quark or Lunt you'll probably want more, the PST however is small and quick to setup, can even go onto a photo tripod for quick setup.

Depends on what route you wish to follow.

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It's supposed to be very capable, an SGL member will be able to confirm. I've got a quark so it's based on the same tech, it's much more clearer than a Coronado PST because the PST is limited by it's 40mm aperture, the quark I've used at 60mm, the advantage of the quark is you can use it with any refractor, though over 100mm you'd have to add in a DERF filter on the front objective to reduce the heat energy entering the scope (these are £400 plus). The larger the aperture and focal length the more minute detail you'll be able to see. Your eyes need to be trained in seeing also, I find my one eye much clearer than the other.

So the solar scout should be good. Note both the SS and the quark do allegedly use the bottom of the rung quality of Daystars filters so quality is a bit of a mixed bag based on user feedback, if you're lucky to get a good one then good. They also use electric power (can use usb power bank on the quark), I'm not sure of power on the SS, I'd assume it's the same. The Coronado (any scope) and lunt are mechanical so probably better in some ways, the ITF filters and orings do need periodic replacement.

I would try and speak to a sales rep to ask about any checks they do on the SS prior to shipping and their returns policy if the buyer is unhappy with it, unfortunately solar equipment does have this aspect (as with any astronomy equipment) but the higher priced stuff is generally priced for a reason. Your other options at a similar price range is a Coronado PST or a Lunt 40 (supersedes the 35 I believe).

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Ha, I'm probably going to give my boat away, I'm too sore after sailing it and as far as I know they are no longer sailed in Ireland. 

You have 2 quite big scopes; I would be tempted to go for either a small refractor for ultimate grab n go and travel or something to do H alpha solar with (could be a dedicated scope or a quark or PST mod - I have a 50mm Lunt which is very good, but I know nothing about the other 2 options).

Looking at the sun during a warm day in shorts and t-shirt is a lovely contrast to layered up in the cold and dark winter's nights! That being said, the N Ireland weather allows me to do that maybe 2 days a year :)


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Sure, by selling the boat we get the money for an apochromat that is transportable.
I also like to see the sun, when I start I make a drawing of it in a special notebook, only now we go roast here, shorts, slippers and T-shirts are a must!

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