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Doubles Galore.

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On reading Ian,s (Lunator), and Carol's (Talitha) posts on Double Stars, or multiple star systems for that matter. I remembered I had bookmarked a website I came across whilst doing a general search on the subject.

I believe most of us are aware that our galaxy is actually teeming with Double Stars, be they Binary, or merely Optical and not gravitationally bound at all.

Doubles always were a prime interest of mine in my early years of observing. Not in any capacity other than the beauty of them, or the challenge of separating the very close ones when conditions allowed the opportunity to do so. Not as often as I would have liked of course.

Anyway, I'm always heartened when a thread runs on Double Stars, and I know Ian has been instrumental in adding useful data to double star records, namely positional angles and separations.

It would be great if others would one day get as involved, because it is an area where the Amateur can carry out very useful work.

I found this website a good read, It's mostly information on Doubles, their coordinates colours,etc.


Ian, please edit anything you feel requires it.


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