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Dawn planets

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I have been planning to catch these for a while but bed was always too comfortable. However this morning I made it having got up at 3.00 am

It was pleasantly mild and Jupiter and the moon were prominent in the lightening sky with Mars and Saturn a bit fainter. So - a look at each in turn:

Jupiter was slightly wavy at the edges but improved as it climbed and the belts became a bit clearer . The moons were nicely arranged with two each side.

Saturn next before it hit the bushes.( My garden has a lot of self inflicted obstacles considering my hobby!) I was surprised at first to see how much the rings had closed since my last observation but the planet still looked splendid as usual with Titan visible despite the light sky.

Mars next - small of course but a polar cap quite prominent.

it was so good to see these old friends again and it all bodes well for later in the year with Mars approaching opposition and them all getting higher and visible at a more friendly time. 

Can’t wait! 

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5 hours ago, happy-kat said:

Looks good for the coming early morning start, 8 planets on offer (including pluto), wow

Plus asteroids Juno and Vesta in Aquarius between Neptune and Saturn and Comet C/2017 K2 PANSTARRS in Ophiuchus near IC 4665 and Cebalrai .   It doesn't get much better than this.



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