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Why Change your Scope?


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Hi All,

Iam wondering Why it is that so many of us myself included change or scopes say once a year at least and also own so many?

Personally i love to play with Telescopes and like the differances between each design and aperture/focal lengh. Take Jupiter last night for example i started the evening off with the celestron 80mm refractor later Jupiter arised from the roof tops and offered a nice view of the planet with the Moons shineing brightly around it also some stars were there to make the whole view complete Ok time for the Skymax 127 Mak aligned on Jupiter looked into the eyepiece WOW jupiter was massive lost some of the FOV and Moons but the planet was awsome full of details unseen in the 80mm Frac! Thats just one example but i could give one for many many objects just from last night. So thats one reason for owning more than one scope :lol:

Anyway be interesting to see others perspective on this?


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I think we are all on the hunt for that ellusive "keeper" scope. Plus changing scope is like changing cars. We always "put a little bit more" to the price we got when we sold the old one. That way we slowly upgrade, say from achro to apo, or from newt to sct etc. Also as you say Steve, we use the right tool for the right job. If all i wanted to do was look at planets i might consider buying an OMC200 with it's 4 meter focal length. But that rules out DSO's. So i'de perhaps buy as well a 12" dob for some serious aperture. But then i couldn't do any photography. So i might buy a 14" SCT on a G11 mount. But then i'de loose contrast so i'de buy a 9" APO .....

It's all swings and round abouts. At the end of the day the best scope is the one you use. But we are all looking for that little bit more and hope the next purchase will give it to us.

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You've answered the question "why more than one scope" James but not " why change scopes". As a newbie I don't have much experience to judge but guess newbies are more likely to want to change scopes - poor initial choice or growing committment and willing to fork out. In the years I have spent sailing I have noticed some people keep chopping and changing the class of boat they sail. They never really master one class. I have continued sailing the same class and although I will never master it I feel it has enabled me to really develop on some of the finer points. I think the same must be true of scopes. It must help if they are as familiar as an old pair of slippers.

If all goes to plan I think things will gradually evolve for me. Want to keep the ED80 and NS8 for a good while but would eventually like some sort of permanently aligned mount on a pier. Will then upgrade camera and finally, maybe...get myself a dream scope...or two :lol:

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You've answered the question "why more than one scope" James but not " why change scopes".

Yep wanted to see what other people would say hehe..Good points though made by yourself and Gordon.

My reason is i reach a point were i can't get anything more out of the scope be it observing or Imaging(Mainly imaging) this is the same with camera's had the coolpix 4500 for a while before my upgrade to the Canon 300D i got the most out of it and couldnt progress without a change this is the same with the Telescopes. Don't understand someone changing there scopes or cameras whatever when they have not got everything out of them seems a pointless exersize to me? unless buying a scope and selling it on for profit or a better version for comfort etc etc that i suppose brings in the fact some people like to try out scopes hehe so i guess i do have some understanding why?..

James :lol:

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Diffrent tools for the job I guess, I'm happy with the views from my 5 " refractor, Id like a big Dobs for overhead views though, and I have a Rich Field for well rich Field stuff :lol: . If you have the space and money then you can never have too many. Its a bit like my guitar collection, They all have diffrent a sound and a diffrent use.


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I don't really change my scopes frequently I have 4 scopes and they were all bought for a specific reason.

The 4.5" Newt was my 1st scope - low cost - let me try the hobby without investing too much cash.

8" Newt - Brilliant all-rounder scope does double star & general observing well

OMC140 - Ideal for DS & Planetary

ETX 70 - Travel/Holiday scope.

If I were to change it would be to get a better scope for DS observing this would have to be a large 'frac or Something like an OMC200/250. To do this would mean I need a better permanent base.

I guess some people like to try out different scopes and enjoy the buying/selling to acheive this. I think most people are trying to find the best/most effective set of scopes to observe. By definition a great all-rounder cannot be as good as a scope that has specific attributes that make it perfect for particular types of observing.

just my view



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Good question James!

I think it's a bit of a human nature thing...The quest for something better or "Keeping up with the Jones's"...

You think you have the best scope, you're happy with it ....It does everything that you want....Then......You look through someone else's scope!!!


You want one of those!

At the moment i'm happy with what i've got.....I don't think i'd ever sell my ED80 or the reflector........Although..

I would PX my 5" frac for a Max......

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I spent two years chasing apperture - finally got the 12" LX200 and loved it. However, I then began to get into cameras and imaging and realised that no matter what you put in the optical chain you still have an f/10. So I began to move towards smaller apperture faster scopes. It's swings and roundabouts - same as in any hobby (flying model airyplanes is the same, sometimes you wanna go crazy all over the place, other times you want to do figures all afternoon) your expectations and targets change. I dare not post in the "what scopes have you had?" thread :oops:


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