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First off, it's been a while but it's good to be back!

I now have the ability to undertake some Astronomy from a back garden, not something I have had before. So I can now leave a mount set up and polar aligned and just put a scope on when nights are clear, ideal.

Anyway, I got hold of one of these ZWO EFWs from FLO, still going strong I'm glad to say and will be doing some narrowband and possibly some LRGB imaging with a ZWO ASI 533MM Pro (More on that later).

I've loaded the filters (see pic, doesn't it look nice!) and had a daytime play around just to hear how it sounds and check the filter change time etc. 

I am pleased to say so far so good. It is much quieter than the last motorised filter wheel I had, a very old starlight express model if I remember correctly. Obviously this might sound louder in the dead of night but not sure it will be significantly over the sound of the mount tracking.

Filter changes are fast and the ability to go in either direction to find the filter is a bonus in this respect.

Build quality looks very good so far and there are a variety of options to mount this in your imaging train. I followed the example in the quick start and connected my Televue 0.8 reducer/flattener with T2 threads through a space to the EFW and the EFW direct to the camera.

However, The body of the filter wheel has threaded holes to screw cameras or OAGs directly to the EFW. As I am not using OAG and the camera happily threads onto the EFW I am left with small 2mm ish holes on the front and back. I worry that these may allow light in but also dust and any humidity etc.

Whilst I applaud ZWO for thinking about how devices will be attached, I would have liked maybe a small packed of rubber or silicon grommets to plug the holes as opposed to black electrical tape!

Anyway, once I get some clear skies and a chance to see how this works in anger I will update this for anyone else considering a purchase.





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