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Avalon Linear Mount permanent pier mounting plate compatibility?


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Hi All,

I'm hoping to install a permanent pier for my Avalon Linear Mount shortly. However I've not been able to find a pre-fabricated pier that explicitly references compatibility with the Avalon Linear. I think the hole pattern for the Avalon Linear mounting plate may be compatible with Skywatcher EQ8 tripods (it has 6 elongated M8 holes around a 129mm diameter circle) but I'm not totally sure. If this is the case then I can just choose a pier that's compatible with the EQ8 (e.g. Altair Skyshed 8 with EQ8 compatible adapter plate). 

Does anyone have any experience of using a permanent pier with the Avalon Linear that may be able to comment?


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I have an Avalon Linear Reverse installed in my Dome, unfortunately I fabricated my own pier and mounting plate to suit my circumstances. You could get an off the shelf pier and have the two M8 holes drilled and tapped at your local fabricators/Engineering works.



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Thanks for your reply, Steve. Yes that’s an option and might be the best way to go.  I think I’ll start by sending some hole measurements to Altair to see if they can check compatibility with the standard EQ8 plates and go from there 👍

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The Avalon Fixed Flange you get with your Linear does indeed support the relatively standard M8 x 129mm (I think it's a Meade standard?). Here's a diagram of it  from Avalon linear_mount_base_quote_1000.jpg


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