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Water on Mars.

Jeff RV

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Somehow, I'm not surprised by this. However, if we'd sent people there, we wouldn't have to guess whether that water is liquid or not, we could just rub it with a finger and say, "Oh, yeah, that's liquid."

Better still, let's send David Bowie there - he's the man who asked the right question!

Joking aside, it is fascinating news.

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This is a bit off-topic, but, have you seen this Flight of the Conchords skit on David Bowie being all spaced-out? I don't know anyone else who has ever written about 'David Bowie's nipple antenna'.

YouTube - Flight of the Conchords Ep 6 Bowie's In Space

He-hem....yes...water on Mars...sounds good for bacterial life, eh?

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