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First Solar Observation - 20.06.22


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Technically my first observation of any count, not just solar.  Solar Safety Filter arrived this morning from @BrendanC.  It was a 130mm filter, but this was perfect for my 127SLT as it allowed for some velcro on the inside of the filter and the scope for a very secure fit.

What a day to start solar!  A Nice cluster of sun spots front an center, the 28mm eyepiece supplied with the scope made the sun pretty much occupy the entire field of view. 

There appeared to be 3 larger spots in a line with a small 'archipeligo' of smaller spots towards the bottom of the right most and left most spots. 

There was an additional line of 3 spots that looked to be moving off the face of the sun as well as one very much larger spot present.

I managed to snap a picture through the eyepiece.  It's not fantastic.  I also tried some imaging using sharpcap and my ASI120mm but I think the seeing wasn't good enough for the small sensor size.  I think swapping from the SLT mount to my GEM28 might allow a better experience.

Very satisfying day.


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