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Who needs a telescope?

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Had to break of from stargazerslounge chit chat around 10.00pm last night to take my daughter into town (on the razzle again!). :shock: :shock: clear skies. Suddenly, discussing Gaz's alimentary disorder was dropped down the priority list. Put scope out, took Rachel into town far to quickly and settled down to capture M101. Scope needs some attention cos secondary mirror housing has become wobbly within corrector plate. Needed major recollimation but could only manage a rough job as seeing hadn't settled down.

Eventually set everything running 60 x45sec subs so lots of time to look at the sky. Moon pretty bright of course but very clear otherwise. What a surprise!!! How things change with the passage of a few weeks. Since I only started observing in December I needed to get to grips with the new stuff appearing in the East. Around midnight arcturus was very prominent. Have spotted it before but only in the wee morning hours. Saw how virgo relates to Leo with the galaxy filled gap in between (nothing visible through my binos though). Was able to follow the hercules asterism. Given the moonshine I was surprised to see Draco easily visible. Exciting to see Vega coming up again. I did see Vega disappearing to the NW early in the evening around New Year but now rising! also Deneb in Cygnus. A taste of things to come - exciting.

The 101 image is badly affected by the moon but just picking out the new (for me) constellations was great fun.

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I know what you mean Martin, i only started in november and now orion is sinking below the horizon im being forced to learn other pointers! "I mean what the hell is THAT group of stars? I've never seen them before!" and similar exhalations last night. Im going to cornwall on holiday for a week tomorrow and being just that much further south (50 degrees instead of 53!) and with far less light pollution im hoping for some good views. Only taking the little nexstar80 though, the missus frowned when i surgested i take the 4" APO hehe.

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Funny you titled Thread was how i though the other night sat on some playing fields near by looking up at the constellations. Been observing for years now but it's great to just sit back and take it the sky from a much wider FOV :shock: 8)

You did right taking in the new views esp with Binos you can tick off the constellations in your minds eye and take in the views at the same time, spot a star off a chart look it up on pute and see whats around that area for you to learn/image/observe with ya scopes :lol:


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Glad you got the chance to see the 'big picture'

Just looking at the sky can be very enjoyable and relaxing, learning the constellations really helps when you are trying to track down that faint object.



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Good read Martin,

I can remember some years ago learning the Summer constallations by laying in a sun lounger with a Phillips Star Map and compass.

Later I invested in some Tasco bino's and progressed from there...

We all recognise the giant Orion and use him to star hop for the winter stuff.....Then he dips below the hoizon and some of us have to "Re-Learn" The sky again...

Virgo and Cygnus are my tools for star hopping in the Spring and early Summer observatons... Sooo much stuff there I never have enough months to study all that's there before Orion comes around again!!

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