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Walking on the Moon

First Saturn


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Technically this is my first ever image of anything. Could be my last too unless i remember exactly what i was shown last night.

A work collegue sold me his entire setup (EQ5, Orion Europa 8" f6, Philips SPC900, Ultima 2x barlow, IR cut filter) and ran me through everything last night (i think he just wanted to prove it all worked and he hadn't ripped off his boss).

So we used the above setup and the following details:

Captured with K3CCD (looked mightly confusing)

Processed with Registax 5 (even more confusing)

1215 frames captured, 700 stacked with 85% quality setting (what??)

I did operate the mouse, so can lay some claim to the image but not much. Chances of reproducing this image by myself are limited at best. I think it would be best if i practiced on the moon for now.




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Great result! I hope you do remember what you learned and post many more pics! If you get stuck on any aspect of Registax or K3CCD, just holler, there's plenty here who'll be more than happy to lend a hand.



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cheers Neil. I suppose it's the sort of image you would expect from my setup. Processing differences aside, i imagine it will be the same as every other Saturn taken with an 8"?

Shame the rings are closed, would have been good to capture Cassini.

It's a nice image Peter but with your kit and a bit of practice you will soon be improving on it.

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