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This is a question that pertains to viewing images posted to SGL at full resolution.  Does anybody else have trouble doing this?  Sometimes I have to cleick the image 30-40 times in rapid fire succession in order to get the little + sign to appear so I can enlarge.  I will usually try 7-8 times by clicking on the image normally--but then I get impatient and rapid fiew away.  Still--it takes many clicks.  there have been times when I just gave up.  This is true regardless of the computer I use

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5 minutes ago, The Lazy Astronomer said:

I largely access the forums on my phone, but I think l have the same issue when viewing on the PC, I tend to just right click and open image in new tab if I want to view at 100%

Yes--my phone has an easier time of it--though i think I just click on it and enlarge with my fingers.  So suffice it to say that due to this difficulty, 99% of the views are not full resolution, correct?

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