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Tuning a Skywatcher skyliner Truss Dob' goto mount


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As its summer, I thought I would give my dob mount some TLC with a service/tune up. I'm thinking of checking the backlash, greasing the gears, tweaking the slip-clutch friction and the smoothing the bearings on the base.  Much like any other mount.
I wondered if anyone has done this?
I'm not afeared of diving in with the tools having stripped down and rebuilt my EXOS.2 (and stripped down car gearboxes and engines in the past)

I'd just like to know what I'm in for and if anyone has any tips.

Some time ago I did find a blog but failed to bookmark it and now cant find it. The only thing I can remember is that setting the friction clutch can be a bit fiddly as its adjusted with a locking nut that needs to be just 'so'.

If anyone has any links or tips, Id be muchly grateful.

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It looks like the base is just held on with these 4 bolts.
I hope there isn't a great big spring behind these 😕

- nope they just turn freely and after taking the cover off, the other side, this doesn't look like a 5 minute job any more.


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