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Summer Triangle Challenge

DIY Skycam.


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I have a generic outdoor IR camera, 12v 3mp, which I connected to a video capture USB dongle and then hooked up to my regulated power supply-5-15v. Installed the software on my laptop, switch on, go to the app and….nowt! Laptop knows the usb VCD is there but says it cannot configure the camera. 
obviously I’m missing something here, but would like a technically minded person to enlighten me. Am I using an appropriate camera? Or is there something else I can use?

The pic is of the camera, the shell and dome can easily dismantle to change the camera inside.

I did have an Orion Skycam which I sold to a mate, it was horrendously expensive! Around £800 if I recall correctly, so I want to keep it cheap.



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Yes but you need to set the camera to CVI mode put power to the camera then hold the joystick to the correct mode.

You have to hold it left or right or up or down for at least 5 seconds try one if that won't work try another then you'll see the picture come up.



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Well it’s now working, but I went through all the left right up down before it did. Thank you for your help Darren.

now to discover if it can scan the night sky for meteorites.


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Might be worth opening it up and disconnecting the IR lighting so it doesn't attract a load of insects at night, can appear like a stream of rain or mist/fog which reduces what you can see, not to mention spiders will then try to make webs to cash in on the passing feast. The IR LEDs are likely on a board that you can just unplug without affecting the IRcut switchover.

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Yes I have taken it apart and it’s easy to disconnect the leds, so will do. Need to make sure that I don’t disconnect the sensor, there are two plugs on that board.


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