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Celestron Edge 8 HD, secondary mirror holder fell off

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I purchased a Celestron Edge HD 8 OTA from a UK retailer in November 2021.

I have recently been using this with a Starizona Hyperstar 4. Last week when I went to remove the Hyperstar to replace the secondary mirror, rather than the Hyperstar unscrewing the internal thread of the secondary mirror holder unscrewed from the corrector plate. When I tried to re-screw in the secondary mirror thread, the internal thread from behind the corrector plate fell off. Please see photos attached. I had been using a Celestron dew heater ring, which I have removed for some of the photos.

Celestron have said this isn't covered by warranty, so looks like I'll need to repair. Any advice on how to repair? I know I should be able to remove the corrector plate, being careful to mark orientation, but wondering whether I should glue the connector back, or just screw it in?





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As long as the ring did not drop onto the mirror and mark it you should be ok. By all means use masking tape to record the orientation of the top plate before taking the screws out. It seems scary if you are not used to doing this kind of work but you should find that removing the corrector and putting the retainer back on not too difficult.

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The OTA was horizonal when this happened, so thankfully the ring didn't drop onto the mirror. I've ordered some Allen keys as couldn't find the right size needed for the grub screws holding the corrector plate, once they arrive I'll attempt removing. Thanks.

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