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Taka tsa 120 dust

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i just received a beautiful tsa 120 used. It’s in mint condition, 1 year of use and the images it gives are stunning. 

But while I was retracting the dew shield  I noticed some dust particles inside the tube just behind the first lens on the 2nd lens. 

they are very small and I can see only a few of them but I’m wondering how did they get here and above all how can I get rid of them? Is there a safe way to do this without sending it to a professional?


just to be clear it has no effect on my observations (don’t know yet about AP) as they’re only particles and outnumbered but I’m just asking for aesthetic and in case I get more in the future and they do interfere with my viewings . 


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Attempts to remove cosmetic dust present far more risk of spoiling the performance of an objective.  Consider two courier trips, dismantling of the objective, re-assembling without introducing further dust and re-collimation all of which will ultimately make no difference to the performance.    🙂


all of which


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It’s not unusual to find bits of dust between lenses, as well as inside the tube. I noticed on a previous Takahashi FC 100 that when I was cleaning the outer lens with an air blaster, a little bit of dust between the lenses moved - so the air gap between the doublet lenses wasn’t sealed anyway. Even if you pay a lot of money doing what Peter describes above, you will probably find new dust within a year or so. Definitely best ignored and just enjoy your wonderful telescope.

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