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Venus & Saturn 18.03.09


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Here's my "basic" attempts on Venus and Saturn. Single frames taken with my Canon A570is Digicamera. (Can't remember the settings!). Used a Celestron 18mm Plossl on my C8 SCT. Did a little basic enhancing on "Picasa." Venus was quite low over the nearby houses, and Saturn was a bit misty. (I fully admit, these photos are nothing like the ones taken by other SGL members, I've just been looking at!).



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I can assure you phil, your Saturn is head and shoulders better than mine.

You have banding on the disc, the rings are quite sharp and distinct.

I would over the moon with an image like yours - I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

You're Venus is pretty good as well, the shot is well focused and if I may say a touch over exposed? Apart from that mate is fine.


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Thanks for your kind comments Ant!

Yes, I would agree that Venus is over-exposed a bit!

I'm trying to persevere with "afocal" astrophotography because I believe it does seem to give the kind of views one is most likely to see with a MK1 eyeball.

These kind of images may then be of use to those beginners (or others) who would like to know "what kind of views they are likely to get through a telescope."

Both you and I know that the images - although superb! - that we see on here, and in the magazines, are not what we see through our scopes (unless you have a "Takahashi" or something!

So. I'll plod on with trying to "perfect" these "afocal" shots - just in terms of getting the exposure and focus sorted.

Incidently, what equipement do you use for astrophotography Ant?



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Hi Phil,

I use prime focus (usually). So it's the DMK21 (or Toucam) where the eyepeice goes.

No lense on the camera, no eyepeice in.

Occasionally I'll use a barlow to increase image scale.

In the past I've used eyepeice projection, with a 10mm EP projected onto the chip (which works quite well).



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