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Sol in H⍺ - 27th May 2022


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Below is a collection of images I captured on Friday morning (27th May). It was a challenging session with strong gusts of wind blowing off the sheet covering my head and laptop (making it difficult to observe the laptop screen) and passing clouds adding to the interruptions.


The first image is of the solar disc. Captured with the Lunt 60mm DS THa/B1200CPT and ZWO ASI174MM camera. There were not many sizeable proms other than on the south west limb, however, there was a long s-shaped filament passing between AR13023 and 13024.



The next images were captured with the same scope and camera, however, I also introduced a 4x TeleVue Powermate into the image train.


Active Regions 13023 and 13024. AR13023 is classified HAX and composed of two sunspots which are clearly visible. Later on during the day it produced a C1.3 class flare. AR13024 is halve the size of AR13023 and has only a single spot. Classified HSX it produced two flares on this day; Class C1.0 and C1.4.



Moving north and slightly west, we have the small active region AR13021. This region is composed of three sunspots and is classified BXO. It too produced flares later on in the morning; class C1.6 and C2.3.



Then we have AR13019 heading towards the north west limb. Made up on a single sunspot, this region is classified AXX.


Finally heading south west we come to the series of prominences visible on the limb today.




All the best,



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