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Takahashi Tripod Stability and Storage Mod


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I bought my Tak FS128 over 5 years ago, and love it to bits. It came, in little used excellent condition, with an equally attractive Tak EM2 equatorial mount on a Luan (type of Mahogany I think) hardwood mount.

Although I loved the setup, I felt that a fixed height wooden tripod I already owned (home built by another SGL member), might be a little more stable, so I sold the original tripod and moved the Tak onto the other tripod. 

This did indeed prove a success, very stable, and I got around the fixed height issue by buying a Geoptic Nadira observing chair.

I used this combination for the best part of 5 years, but more recently I've had a hankering to mate the setup with a Tak tripod again, to keep it as original as possible to how it was when bought new from Tru Tek over 20 years ago. I also missed being able to adjust the tripods height.

Then, to my surprise, an identical tripod to the original came up for sale..so I jumped on it!

I am also finding that I sit to observe more as I get older, so the appeal of the Taks' adjustability was quite attractive. But I still felt the Tak tripod was a little less solid than the trusty old home built one.

The latter had had a large Berlebach 32cm wooden spreader fitted several years ago, and I wondered if such a spreader might "beef up" the feel of the Tak tripod..then, shortly afterwards I was delighted to see one of these exact same spreaders come up for sale! 

So I jumped on that one too.

Well, today I decided to fit the new spreader to the Tak tripod, and then thought, why not fit two spreaders, ie keep the original AND the Berlebach..🤔

So that's what I've done, and am really pleased with it..I can now have extra storage space, for example for a book or my Binoviewer, and a large shelf for my eyepieces, some of which are quite large 2" ones.

And the stability is definitely stiffer, and I can still adjust the height If I need to.

I thought this pretty simple modification might be of interest to others who might like to beef up their mounting solution without changing their actual mount..

Thanks for reading 😊





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22 minutes ago, F15Rules said:

Thanks Steve..tbh, I don't know why I didn't think of this before!🤦😁


I dare say those two trays could handle a few eyepieces between them, Dave

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You've done a great job with that Tak tripod. How about applying a wood stain on the Berlebach tray to bring the colour closer to the Tak? Colron wood dye Jacobean Oak is a pretty good match for the Tak wood. While you are at it just a little touching up on the tripod where the colour has worn over the years. Alternatively, rub the wood dye all over the tripod using a soft cloth will help bring the wood back to life too.

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Thanks for that..I probably will stain the Spreader first to check how it looks, and possibly then the tripod too..

Just need to work through my other half's To-Do list first!🤦😂


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