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Walking on the Moon

I dont believe it !


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Earlier this evening I looked outside to see if the clouds had cleared and to my surprise they had, so I set up my scope and was looking foreward to an evenings viewing. After setting up I went to swith on the red spot finder only to find it was already switched on and had been for at least 7/10 days, which was the last time the sky was reasonably clear, needless to say the battery was totally flat ( must remember to buy 2 and keep one as a spare in case I do it again). I did manage to find Saturn and Pleiades with some difficulty so I decided to put the scope away and use my binos which was still very pleasing. The main reason for this post is to remind you not to do the same thing, but hopefully you are not as forgetful as I am.


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Yup I'm a member of that club too. Not wishing to belittle the importance of personal responsibility, you'd kind of think that the circuitry needed to add an automatic shut-off to these things would hardly push the cost through the stratosphere.

I reckon they're in league with the battery makers. Come to think of it, anyone that has (unwisely) tried to use the NexStar with internal AA batteries will know that they're in league with 'em!:)


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Yep, same here. I now have at least one spare in the house. And as for NexStar on AA's.... suffice it to say.... it works but, how many a night ?

Well done on finding Saturn and the Pleiades without a finder

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The really irritating thing about the Telrad is that you have to remove it from it's mounting to replace the batteries. The alignment is always a bit out when you put it back. This might not sound like a big thing but when you want to align using the camera chip it is!

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Oh heck ,ok this may sound really pompous, but being really good i have never done it.



Not at all Rog.... :)

My RDF is even worse ... gets you in the ball park though so I do a rough with that then use the Megrez and finally the 8" when I am aligning... a Totally EP free process these days especially if the 1000D is on the 8" as I can use Liveview...


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None of my kit is battery-powered (except the torch), so I'm immune from this I think! Shows the advantage of a finderscope over a red dot! :) Still vulnerable to power cuts though: I'm helpless without the drive and I run the camera off the mains too.

What kind of 'scope was it, Maurice? I find that with my fast Newtonian at low mag., I can still get pretty close to my target without using the finder, by crouching down and squinting along the top of the OTA.

At least you rescued some of the evening with the bins. So not a wasted evening! :)

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